Monday, May 29, 2006

Wo ich gehe?

I think that basically translates to "Where am I going?" It's the best I can do...still on the learning curve. But I think I'm progressing a little bit at least. Just thought I'd let people who are wondering know that I've found out where I'm going to be in Germany, and, roughly, what it is I will be doing. I will be in a small town called Altes Lager (in english, roughly: Old Lager[It's the square on the bottom of the map, the map is just of Brandenburg). It's an hour south east of Berlin and is in the German Bundes staat (Federal State) of Brandenburg. I will be teaching K-6 ESL classes, working with a Church youth group, driving people around and, apparently, playing sports. It's going to be fun, I can hardly wait.


At 11:28 AM GMT+2, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wochin gehe ich?

At 10:33 PM GMT+2, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wohin ich gehe...
Wohing gehe ich would be Where am I going?


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