Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm Still Not Sure How to Make Titles, But...

I Can Change The Font, and type with as many capital letters as i want. (Same goes for lower case). I have successful done every post trip chore asked of me. It wasn't really alot, and some of it was exciting, and good for me. Like the trip to the dentist, which was somewhat painful, but now that it's over I realize maybe I should really go more often. Anyway, I received more information about my placement. I will be working in connection with the Christliche Glaubengemeinschaft (Christian Fellowship) Mennonite church. The town I will be living in has some historical value as it was a former Nazi German Airforce base, and later a Russian Airforce base during the occupation (just after WWII). After Reunification the base was abandoned. Many social issues faced the town, leading to the creation of the Christliche Glaubengemeinschaft. My placement will be doing various activities in the myriad of ministries run from the church. There is a musical opportunity for me as well, in a band connected with the church, which makes my ponderings into taking one of my musical intruments along for the journey. Perhaps my bass will prove most useful as I am better at it than the others.

Also I have decided that I would like to go on a pilgrimage at some point, hopefully soon. I'm not sure when or exactly why, but I guess I was inspired by this show. Maybe it will help me decide where to go with my life.


At 4:55 PM GMT+2, Anonymous Rachel said...

just a month now. can you believe it?? i sure can't. time has been going way too fast.


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