Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ein Schlaufen Brauchen (Ich)

It has been an odd week in good old Altes Lager (even though technically I live in Flugplatz). This is because our fellow Intermennonite came to visit. He had left a few of his vacation days up till the last minute, and decided to come visit us and maybe Berlin with it. It is odd how guests interupt the feeling of a place, we have had a couple of guests now and while one brought a good chill attitude with an air or adventure, the other brought an adventerous attitude which limited my hours slept this week to a bare minimum of 25 hours. That is including naps. Breaks down to 5 hours a night, and that is being generous. 6AM feels even earlier after going to bed around 2AM. I ended up feeling tired and a little sick the whole week, but in those hours between 12 and 2AM when we’d commence jamming on Guitars, I found it hard to drag myself away, even for precious and most nessisary sleep. The result was me falling asleep on the bus, which got various reactions from the kids. (As if being on a school bus at 6:50 in the morning is normal...oh right, in Germany, it is) Ranging from shock („Was machst denn du?“) to pity („Hast du nicht wohl geschlafen?“). The strangest though was my newly found seat buddy, Pascal. Generally kids avoid sitting with him as he has a habit of hitting or kicking people, and making the bus driver upset. Being an adult (and him being only in 2nd grade) at least earns me his resepect, insofar as he doesn’t hit or kick me and somtimes even sits down when I suggest he should. Though I like to think that talking to him has won him over. Trotzdem, (German lesson for you, Trotzdem is a good way to say anyway or in any case, or various variations on that theme, i enjoy the word, in this case I would’ve used: The point is) Pascal decided to become a crusader for my sleep. If I opened my eyes, he would scowl at anyone around who happened to have said anything in the last five minutes and say „Halt die mund, Keith (Kies, as the kids often say it) schlaft.“ Or, a little nicer „LEI-SE“ (the first one is Shut up, Keith is sleeping, the second one is QUI-ET). (I pretty much spent the whole day speaking German, but that is a different story.) Then he would turn to me and say „Schlaf weiter Keith, wir sind noch nicht da.“ (Keep sleeping, we aren’t there yet, but in the imperative). Those of you that only speak English may be quite annoyed at my over abundance of German, but I am having a good German day, so feel glad for me, they only come along every so often.


At 3:32 AM GMT+1, Blogger Maria said...

just so you know, I read all your blogs and enjoyed them :) Glad to hear you had a good German day.

Ok, back to homework.


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