Saturday, January 13, 2007

Halbjahre Spiegel

I have now survived in Germany for almost 6 months. I have to say that living here has gotten normal. I have learned to appreciate little things, like the ability to understand about 90% of what the kids say to me, and being to ask them little questions. Some days I can even understand the TV. I would say the hardest part is the alphabet. I have come to appreciate the shows on MTV, because here they are broadcast with German subtitles, so the German version of me complains about the times that MTV plays music, while the American version complains when it plays shows. Today I write to you through the pains of a headache, stomach ache and general ache that I can only hope isn’t the sign of sickness. Feeling sick has a way of making you miss childhood, or home. Not that I want to go home, I still have much to learn, and still need to master German. If I can keep learning at the same pace I will know twice as much German as I know now when I step off the plane onto American (Canadian American) soil. It is finnally getting cold here in Altes Lager, something I am promised is an oddity (usually it is freezing and snowing like crazy, I am told, but most likely with egzageration. [I have forgotten how to spell that word completely...]) I have decided to attempt a German study time every day from now on, to learn Grammar and more words. A certain friend from Alaska, (mhem, Katie) might enjoy the fact that the Sun comes up at about 9AM and is in the process of setting around 2PM. And even when it is out, the weather is mostly cloudy. Looking back, though, the past 5.6 months have flown by, and January is almost over. At this point last year I was picking up an application for the local YMCA to be a lifeguard. I can only hope, if not a touch half-heartedly, that the time doesn’t go by as quickly in this last half of my German adventure. Though I do look foward to seeing good friends once again, I don’t look foward to leaving the ones I have made here behind.


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