Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mich werde einem Tag hübsch sprechen

An important lesson I am learning here, is the way it feels when you are putting alot of effort into learning another language, and then someone makes fun of you, or mocks you. It doesnt even have to be anyone important, maybe just some kid in the 6th grade. Sixth graders are known for general brutality with words. In German there are alot of words that take great effort to say, and two particular verbs, Machen and Magen, which mean to do and to enjoy, which are a little hard to distingush when I say them. A sixth grader caught privy to this and decided to raz me about it. Now I’m not really one to take a joke to hardly, but I don’t know it just is abrasive when you are trying your best and it isn’t good enough, or someone makes fun of your best. It just left me with this feeling of belittlment. It is a good lesson to learn, but a tough one to learn at the same time. Coming through this I definitely understand the perils and hardships of learning a new language, and the stressful alone feeling you get when it is imperative that you learn a new language in order to properly communitcate. Not that I was ever narrow minded on that issue, but I have to say, I think my mind is becoming ever wider.
Another thing I am doing is reading The Posionwood Bible, and I just find myself wishing the Preacher character would be more understanding. But it is a really good book.
I also think I am getting a cold. Being medically minded, I logically have thought about my symptoms and am quite sure I have a slight fever, throat ache, and congestion. I am tacking vitamins, and am supposed to gargle salt water. If I am still feeling the same by saturday I am going to the doctor, mostly becuase I have good health insurance. And because someone would make me go to the doctor around here anyway. But don’t worry, I should pull out A-Okay, but encourageing notes/letters/packages are welcome all the same.


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At 5:03 AM GMT+1, Blogger Maria said...

ha ha, nice spam comment there...feel better and sixth graders are mean. The Poisonwood Bible is a great book.


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