Monday, October 23, 2006

An Immortal Day In History, oder Ein besonders Tag
To Ben Friesen

So nevermind the fact that it's Monday, or that, of course the day after I walk to buy a winter jacket it decides to get warm all the sudden. Nevermind that I got to wake up at 6AM after a few short days of sleeping in. Forget that just as I got my hopes up for a nice cup of coffee I found out there was no coffee. All that is in the past.
No, friends, today was indeed a special day. Not for a good reason like work being particularly good, though it wasn't particularly bad. Not because we narrowly escape killing a poor, helpless deer (see Canadian Boys Blog for details), though it is rather special to see wildlife of any kind here. No, it was something much simpler than that. It was something so simple that the only way to honor it is by mortally Bloggerizing it for a short (maybe week long) span of glory.

I had a friend last year named Ben Friesen, now, if your reading Ben, I have taken your advice. He told me that when I win, I need to gloat more. So, here it is. I WON SIEDLER! I BEAT YOU GARY, DOROTHY AND JAKE HAHAHAHAH.....HAHAHAHAH...okay...that is enough. Now important to know is that I lose most of the time, and may never win again.

But really, it was a fun Monday afternoon, attached to a free meal and including Siedler Von Catan, which we haven't played in awhile, so it was nice to hang out and play a nice game with good friends. Then we taught English to Adults...also pretty fun. So maybe Mondays aren't so bad after all.


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