Saturday, October 07, 2006

Black & White

So my two days off were a sort of perfect example of Yin and Yang, or Black and White or Feng Shui or anything else that’s equal and opposite. Oh right, I’m a scientist, so I can’t forget Newton’s Third Law of Motion. So Monday was a day of action, warm, alive, mobile. We decided to take a bike ride. Like all bike rides we ever take this one started off innocent and short. But we had all day so why not keep going. We made a loop from Altes Lager to the next town over and back, but then we just kept going to Treubritzen. It was only 9 Km from where we were. Then we kept going to this city, I forget the name but it was pretty far away. From there we just kept going until it was clear the next big place was Potsdam, which is close to Berlin and about 30Km from where we were. Then we turned around and headed back. Shortly after turning around both Gary and I realized how incredibly tired we were. We kept booking it because we had to make it home, there wasn’t a lot of option there. By the time we made it back my legs felt like jello and I was exhausted. Gary and I decided to celebrate with a nice Curry Wurst at one of our favourite restaraunts. We go there often enough to be able to say, ‘Give me the usual’ and they know what we mean (though we never say that, we just walk in and they know what we’re going to get and we take a seat.) We sat and ate and took a few deep breaths, looking forward to another day of sleeping in.
And now for the day of inaction, cold, laziness. I slept in and then did nothing. Then I walked to the church and got on the computer, played some guitar, and sat around. Then Gary and I went to Jüterbog, but everything was closed. We found an Asian food restaurant and got lunch or dinner or whatever it was. It was really good because it was spicy, which most food in Germany isn’t. We had to eat out because we didn’t have much money, and the grocery store was closed. After that I think we watched some music videos, I don’t remember because I try to block that day out. It wasn’t bad but it was boring I guess, or just not really memorable. But really, I think everybody needs a day like that sometimes.


At 3:45 PM GMT+2, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keith, I'm so proud that you went on your first tour-de-germany. In the middle of your ride you should have remembered Lance Armstrong's inspirational speech in the middle of "Dogeball" when talked about giving up when he had testicular cancer...but alas you made it anyways. Hey take'r easy. -Jared

At 3:47 PM GMT+2, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops..yes i can spell dodgeball...


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