Thursday, September 28, 2006

Full Circle (Literally)

So when we last left our hero’s they had just finagled a ride to Meckeshiem after missing their first train. They boarded another one at around 8 (an hour after they should have left) this time heading south instead of north. All in all the journey took 8 hours, with only one minor adventure. They were supposed to catch another train in Bad Frisenburg, but the town wasn’t labelled very well and they didn’t get off. Luckily the next stop was only about a mile away and they reached just as the train they were meant to board arrived. Finally they arrived at Meckeshiem where they immediately saw their friends John and Rachel, who, consequently were on the same train as they were. They shouted ‘HEEEEY’ at the top of their lungs and managed to get everyone in a ten foot radius’s attention. Luckily John and Rachel weren’t quite 11 feet away. So their cry had worked and they spent the next 30 minutes making up for lost time. Then they found their lodgings. Then they feasted on Spaghetti and bread and the like. There was much merry making. After dinner, our hero Keith and his friends John and Rachel went for a walk and a little plotting. The next day we went to the ‘Cute’ city of Heidelburg, which has a Schloss (Castle) and we went to visit it. One member of the group, Mattias, decided it would be fun to have a picture that looked as if he was jumping off a cliff, I don’t know why but it was weird. He seems to have a obsession with jumping and climbing things. He might be the missing link between monkeys and humans…who knows. (Sorry Mattias, but I pick on everyone…even my stupid stupid self…no…okay, not really). We also went exploring for other things, and dubbed this year of Intermenno the year of the Unicorn. Good times were had by all. Then I played Guitar all night long. All in all it was good times if not a bit too short, luckily some people are coming up to visit Altes Lager soon. Now on the way back, our noble heroes were on one train the entire time, it only took 5 hours, but they didn’t get back to Berlin until 10. Then they had an hours trip to a city an hours walk from Altes Lager. They should have had a ride, but no one came and they had no phones. So Keith got out his trusty headlamp of power and they set of for the final journey home. Despite the Thieves and evil on the streets our heroes might and tenacity must of scared them away, and they made it home with no problem. Keith arrived home to a full mailbox (Thanks LUC, Jodi, and MHC Lifeworks!) The End…or is it? PS this is called full circle due to several factors, one, we walked both to and from the train station, B.) We often sat in a circle during meetings, 3 Just because. And most importantly because we travelled around the south of Germany one way of our trip, and north the other, thus making a full circle, (pretty much) around all of Deutschland.


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