Saturday, September 16, 2006

Stick Shifts and Safety Belts

This past Friday me and old (young, teenage, etc.) Gary had ourselves a little adventure to Lukenwalde. That’s a town about 30 minutes away from us, or like 35 kilometers, I don’t know. We went to this ‘mall’ there, which is something like a grocery store with CD’s and everything, so maybe something familiar to Super WalMart or something, though a lot better because it isn’t taking over Germany or anything. The trick was that I drove, 100. I mean 100 Km/hour. The better trick was that it was that the only car was a stick shift; in fact all cars here are stick shifts. The car is a lot like Edgar from the days of the LUC dynasty, except the heat works. There’s no power steering, so it’s rough. I haven’t really driven too far in a stick shift, or ever, in a stick shift, so it was an interesting. OK so that day Gary was sick I drove to school, but other than that. I’m learning pretty quickly, I didn’t stall out on the road except once, and I only missed my proper gear like once. I stalled out trying turn around, but that was because I wasn’t in reverse, I was in 4th. Opps. I stalled out at a stop light because I was in 4th not first; I forgot I was in 5th. This is sounding like a math problem, so somebody tell me the solution. Afterwards we celebrated in Jüterbog by having a Big Döner and a good conversation. Things are going pretty well, and I think I’m finally learning to drive a stick shift. And maybe I’m realizing why a lot of people wonder: ‘How the heck do you drive an Automatic?’


At 1:16 AM GMT+2, Blogger Maria said...

oh how I miss the Geo...and I still don't know how to drive a stick shift

At 3:44 AM GMT+2, Anonymous Liz said...

haha, i'm proud Keith. you'll grow to love the manual transmission, just wait.


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