Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Day in the Life

So admittedly it has been a long time coming for this one eh. Perhaps I was letting it sink in that I was, indeed, in a slump. Honestly though, right after I wrote that I began to feel better, also the next day the kids came round again and we have since gotten everyone we know to yell at them for us. And the guy that was here last year correctly named them, making me assume that perhaps they gave him a bit of a ring sometimes too. I apologize if my English has gotten more European, but the only books I have read lately were in British English, as is the language course used by the school I teach at. I guess I felt better getting all that emotion off my chest. My time here so far has been great, though at points lonely and boring, but that really isn’t different from my life anywhere else. So thank you, dear readers, for encouragement and steadfast approval of my thoughts when I much doubted I should share them. You have all been quite singular and capital. (I love Sherlock Holmes stories now)

Anyway random monologues aside (and I’m too lazy for proper punctuatory practices) I have reason to slightly rejoice. Yes, my work schedule is almost entirely unveiled for me. Now there is just enough mystery to keep me with a vague mysterious feeling, but not so much as is uncomfortable. The mystery lies in the looming Adult English classes I will end up teaching at some point, or rather, supervising. More mystery can be found in weekends, as some we work for the Jugend Mobile. But here goes my current rough draft. Mondays are the most boring, though usually not in a singularly bad way. I teach until around 1, got home via school bus (I’ll elaborate on that a bit gleichly) Tuesdays I teach until 12 and then have German lessons until 2. Wednesdays, I teach until 12, Germanize my vocabulary until 2 and then have Kinderstunde with the church for awhile, it’s fun so and sometimes lasts longer than others (though the name implies an hour length). Every other Thursday is a second Kinderstunde at the Geminde Nidergörsdorf. The name in English would be Kids Hour, which is misleading because last week it lasted what must have been at least 2 hours. But it was fun too if not a little tiring. I played tennis with this one kid with volleyball net, which was crazy because he slammed the ball quite heartily and almost smoked my face. Then I played volleyball with a girl from 3rd grade in school. I also work at school on Thursdays. Fridays I just have school and it’s nice because it’s time to relax a bit. Some Saturdays we get to work with the Jugend Mobile which means, basically, that we play soccer for about 4 hours with various children, usually involving a festival of some sort. Some Saturdays we also work with a church and help kids learn English religious words (like cross, baptismal, whathaveyou) and play games with them. Soon I might also start giving guitar lessons as part of my job. I’m looking forward to that really, should be fun. Basically, wherever we go we are used as experts on the English language, who are trying to learn German. That is basically how we are introduced to everyone.


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