Friday, August 18, 2006

Sounds Of Settling

Sorry this is long awaited, I haven’t had time really to write, I’m using a group computer and well the internet costs money here, everywhere, so. Anyway Part 1 of a continuing saga in 3…2….1 After about 5 awesome, albeit a bit sad, goodbye parties I finally packed a year of my life into my trusty Subaru and set a course for another farewell, Asheville NC, home of my Alma Mater, Mars Hill College. After a brief stay at the Hotel Bailey, I headed to VA and my parents house, where they bought me a few going away presents, and I packed another, less prepared year into two 50 pound suitcases. The next morning I said goodbye to my twin brother (Hey LUC, did you know I have a twin?) and headed with my parents to Indiana. It was quite an enjoyable time to spend with my folks. We took it slow, stopping to eat, and we had a good time listening to a John Grisham novel on tape. All in all one of the best times I’ve had with my parents, and there hasn’t been a lack of good times with them, so that’s saying something. In IN I met up with my pal and co traveller, John E, and his parents. Had a lot of fun hanging with John while he packed and said so long to friends and family. I also got to enjoy the Swiss Days Parade, which was pretty dang cool. Then we loaded up a van with 4 fifty pound cases and headed to Toronto Canada, where we would fly out of the next day. Hung out for a few minutes in the Canadian WalMart and took in some enjoyable Canadian Television (Their Version of the Today Show is fantastic). Then we headed to the airport. We got there about 3 hours early and sat around until we realized that the baggage check line was getting pretty long, so we hopped in. One of the stewardesses gave my carry on a funny look and, as I put it on the scale, with a look that told me she had already decided it weighed too much, she kindly reminded me that, if my bag were to fall on someone’s head, it would kill them. So I took the laptop out and weighed it again, and it was under the weight limit (8 lbs.) but it was too late, she had given up on my bag. So I found another lady with approval stickers and told her I needed one, and without further question she handed one over, no problem. After that me and John made it to the proper terminal and looked for a minute for people our age. We found two, one of them being Gary, who is now with me in Altes Lager. Me and John looked around and guessed about other people in our program, finally finding another group of them. As we merged into one, John and I decided that this one person we saw was definitely the last person in the Intermenno Posse. So we walked up to him and asked “Are you Mattias?” to which he responded “How’d you know?” So we finally we all together, and boarded the cramped plane which took us on an 8 hour time travel to end up in Amsterdam around 8AM, meaning we missed pretty much an entire day. We then found the appropriate people and boarded a bus for Elspeet, The Netherlands, about an hour away, where we would begin our Intermenno Training Session, but that, of course, is another story.
Total Travel time so far: 36 hours


At 12:07 AM GMT+2, Blogger Maria said...

yeah! you finally blogged! keep it up por favor or bitte (spelling??)

I didn't know you have a tiwn!!


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