Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tempus Fugit oder die Zeit vergeht im Fluge

I know, the first one is Latin, and the second one I had to look up so it doesn't count as something I can say in German, but oh well, the saying isn't proving true. Since school let out here in Louisville, I haven't been teaching PE, so I spend a lot of time sitting around. I watched the Deutschland v. Portugal game today and it only served to make me more anxious to get to Germany. I work most nights which only serves to limit my social life/travel plans, so life these days is somewhat boring. It's mostly that I am waiting to go somewhere and am getting quite impatient because I am excited to be going. Most of you know I'm not one to get excited about things very often, so it's kind of new territory for me (no pun intended, none taken [for those of you who are clever and caught the soccer match Germany v. Portugal]). Lately it seems I have been dealing with an aspect of time I am all too familar with, it's tendency to slow down at times. As a whole this year has flown by, I look back my first days here with a sense of nastalgia, wishing that, if only for just a moment, I could go back to those times where this place (Louisville) and these people (my housemates, props to Alisa, Andrea, Ben, Emily, Katie, Maria [alphabetical]) were new and held a sense of wonder in my mind. Of course there was also a bit of anger there too (like trying to find my way around Louisville at first [took an hour to get to work which is 20 minutes away). But the past few days have decided to drag themselves out, I have less than a month here, and sometimes it feels like an enternity. However, it's not as bad as it sounds because it will be my last few weeks with my lovely housemates and I will be somewhat distraught to have to leave them. No more midnight games of Dutch Blitz, even though I lose every time (I'm getting better and one day will come back to destroy all of you with blazing speed and hopefully more Dutch sounding "BLITZ"), no more walks to the Bank or Walgreens, but best of all, no more complaining (hahah!) Seriously though, it'll be a sad day. Or I could just be feeling all sentimental because I'm tired.


At 1:33 AM GMT+2, Blogger Maria said... will be a sad day! we'll miss you! too bad you aren't working during the day and home at night with the rest of us

At 9:01 PM GMT+2, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Keith! What's your address over there? We have something to send to you. Please email your address to Gill --her email is


Stan Dotson


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