Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Something Like a Sunday Afternoon

Those of you that know me well should, by now, be aware that Sunday is my favourite day of the week. I don’t know why really, I guess because it’s a day I can really relax because church gives me a reason to wake up somewhat early, and the lack of work gives a good reason to be lazy or sleep. This past Sunday was no exception, and it was a beautiful day and I decided to not be lazy and go on a leisurely bike ride. I took the famous Skater Bahn of Tetlow Fläming; trust me, it’s very famous here, I’ve been told about it about a million times. I went a little ways towards Nidergörsdorf proper, which is something like 7 Km away from where I live. Then I went down this really big hill, a sign said it was 90% grade, or I’m a liar. Take your pick. Then I just turned around and on the way up saw a rollerblader who used a stick as a break. That was funny. Mostly because he had on this spandex wind suit. Then this lady asked me if this was the way to Altes Lager, which it was. Of course she asked in German, and therefore could’ve asked if this was the way NOT to Altes Lager, but I don’t think so. I said ja, it was, because it was. She bladed past me and then stopped and checked her map. ‘Was suchen Sie?’ I asked, just to clear things up. She said ‚Ich suche Neues Lager, ich spreche falsch.’ Then she left and I wondered if she had said she told me wrong or that I told her wrong, I’m pretty sure it was her mistake though, because she seemed pretty lost. Anyway, after that I headed back, and upon reaching my humble abode, I saw the children that caused me such grief a few episodes back. That’s right, think of these as episodes. Anyway, as I drove past they told me in German how they had rung Gary’s doorbell, and that he was upset about it. And he might of sprayed them with water, but that is just hearsay. Anyway, not wanting to deal with them on a Sunday of all days, I rode past and decided that maybe I would ride for a bit longer. About a minute later I ran into a homeless guy who a wanders around these parts. Now, I’m not heartless, but this fellow we have dealt with before, and he has a tendency to linger on forever and ask over and over for ‘Funf Euro’, which since we don’t know his proper name, is what we call him. He is a part of the community here and all so don’t think I’m making fun. But last time I saw him he touched my face, which was okay and all, but I’m not a huge fan of people touching me, and people touching my face is a bit much unless I’m ready for it. Or I know the person pretty well. Anyway, the point is I really just wanted to go home and sit and read a bit, so I turned around and decided that I could get passed the kids quicker than my pal Funf Euro. Upon arrival, the kids, as expected, decided it would be fun to try to run over me with their bikes. So mounted my trusty bike and took off. Seeing as I am faster than them I got a little ahead, but they were persistent and eventually I slowed down. They caught up and kept trying to run into me. So I took off really fast and one followed, then I made to turn really quick and stopped. Now the kid following me was closer than I thought, and didn’t have time to stop, so he ended up hitting me and wrecking his bike, which was kind of funny once I realized he wasn’t hurt. Especially because it was an accident. He thought it was pretty funny too, and there may have been a few seconds where we actually bonded a little, though I can’t be sure because right after that he made to ram my bike again. So I headed home and to the safety of my room a some good fiction, to enjoy the rest of a wonderful Sunday.


At 12:27 AM GMT+2, Blogger Maria said...

I enjoy your stories. Keep them coming. Susan would be so proud.

At 12:27 AM GMT+2, Blogger Maria said...

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