Monday, September 25, 2006

M to the Eckisheim

Word. So this is the story, all about how, my (travel plans) got flipped and turned (literally…almost) upside down. Don’t thank me, thank Big Willy Style, only back when he was little Willy/Fresh Prince. Or the early 90s. So this past weekend we had an Intermenno Conference in Meckisheim, it was amazingly fun. The problem came in getting there. We had went earlier in the week to buy tickets, and the tickets began the journey at 6:55. That wasn’t quite early enough for Gary and I, so we decided that a pleasant hike to the train station was in order. We got up at 5AM, thinking we would just sleep on the train when the time came, and left at 5:55, an hour before our train left the station. We figured the hike would only take about 40 minutes or so, it was only 4 K’s. Well around halfway their the sun was getting brighter, which let me to believe it was getting close to 7, and made me a bit nervous, but seeing as neither Gary or I have a watch, I was giving it the benefit of the doubt. The doubt was right in the case though, because a few minutes before the station we glanced upon a clock that told us it was 6:55, which set us in a frantic scramble the rest of the way. This lead Gary to exclaim: ‘Why did I wear sandals?!’ We made it to the station in time to complain avidly about not leaving 5 minutes earlier. I was under the impression that the game was lost, and didn’t fancy the idea of walking all the way back home to ask for advice. So I went to the ticket counter and in German acquired a new ticket to Meckesheim for 129 €, which was a little less than the 140 combined Euro’s Gary and I had. Phew. Relief set in, we were going on vacation. The interesting part was that our original tickets were heading north and first and then to the M city, but our new ones headed first towards Bayern and then to M stadt. That’s right, I just used a German word. And the first tickets made the trip in 5 hours, while the second took a meagre 8 hours. It was a long ride. Unfortunately dear readers I am so tired that I am making spelling mistakes all over the place, which means its time to call it a night. More explaining that and the most awesome trip ever in the history of German (with more of my usual levity) next time, same me place same me channel. Rad…which means either Radical, or in German, a Bike. Cool huh.


At 1:36 AM GMT+2, Blogger ajh said...

yeah! I just read the last two posts. I'm so happy it's starting to click. Did you get to see Eicher? Sorry I didn't have a transition so I just went with it. You know how it works with me.


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