Monday, September 25, 2006

A Day for Gifts (Einen Tagen für Geschenke)

So, I was going to start this with: I have in my pocket several pieces of paper…but it’s been a few days and so that line won’t work because the paper is not in my pocket anymore. Anyway the point is that last Thursday I was teaching a lesson on Furniture, well stuff you’d find in a room, it’s hard to explain. I handed out this worksheet with an empty room and pictures of stuff on it, and they would cut out the pictures and glue them and all, nice fun, not to stressful. So they did that, and then one of them said they had a gift for me and gave me a piece of paper, which I wasn’t about to keep. Then, as 2nd graders do, they all proceeded to run the joke into the ground. So I kept all of them, just so the kids wouldn’t think they weren’t funny, or maybe I really am nice after all and didn’t want to hurt their feelings. But then one of them drew a little heart on one of the pieces of paper, and I decided that that one was worthy of really keeping. The other pieces I slipped into the trash after the kids left. Later that day…in the first class a kid gave me a drawing of a bunch of hearts. I felt pretty loved, which is good because the kids aren’t always good at paying attention, which sometimes for me translates to ‘You’re boring’ in my head. But the real gift came later when I went to check the church after work (sometimes there is free food their, so I usually stop in). There were Russian ladies cooking these awesome things that were pretty much deep fried hamburgers. Okay so that makes me sound like some nasty grease loving USAnian, but sometimes I enjoy a fried taste sensation. Then I was talking to the people at the church in German and it just started clicking, mind you it was simple German, but still, after feeling like an idiot for so long, it was a nice gift for once to feel at least somewhat intelligent for a few hours.


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