Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Something Strange

So today was very dark and cloudy. The morning was pretty warm but it got progressively cooler. In the fourth period I was with the third graders and we went over clothes and stuff. I had a hard time remembering to call pants trousers or jeans (the kids are learning British English) but I think most people would, because who really wants to say trousers when you can say pants. I was again reminded of how odd it is that pants and shorts are plural objects. That wasn’t the really strange thing though. No, the really strange thing was that I sat down at the back, near some rowdy kids. It was my hope that my presence would calm them down, but I guess I forgot that most of the kids past the 2nd grade don’t grant me the same respect as they would a teacher. I like to think it’s because I can’t reign down on them in German and put them in their place, but it also had something to do with the fact that they were young girls. In some odd quest for attention, one of them had cut off a rather sizable piece of their hair, which was weird enough. Then after a few minutes of me wondering if I should attempt to explain in my limited German that you shouldn’t cut your hair (I tried once in 2nd grade and got in big trouble) when she did something even more odd. She borrowed someone’s glue stick and proceeded to glue the piece of hair on her chin like a beard. That’s about when the teacher noticed and yelled at her, and I moved to a more well behaved part of the class. Also today I was struck with a bit of reminiscence of last year with my people at the LUC. It was good times, and I guess my memories were stirred by looking at pictures of last year on my computer, which I finally got a proper adapter for. It wasn’t a sad time, and I didn’t feel homesick, I just remembered how weird it was at first, and how normal it became, and a few of the fun times we had. It just served to make me excited about fun times here, some of which will come at the Intermenno Retreats, and some of which come from teaching, and some from playing Siedler von Catan with Jake, Dorothy and Gary (the pastor, the pastor’s wife, and my fellow Trainee) I haven’t won yet, but then again, I never really do. But I think I am finally learning that the enjoyment is in the playing of the game and not necessarily winning, though it is fun to try. I guess I am going to survive here, as long as I look forward to the right things, like the moment when German finally makes more sense. Or when everyone comes to visit good old A. L. Good times will be had, I can feel it.


At 3:11 AM GMT+2, Blogger dan of becks mills said...

wow...i have never reminisced so much...funf euro, those little kids, and the desire to spray them with water....i am going to jump out on a limb and say that i appreciate your journal more than anyone...its like i am there again. sounds like a good start to what will become an even better year. good luck

At 12:22 AM GMT+2, Blogger Maria said...

I have been thinking about our good times at the LUC too. I am now doing things that we did a year ago (worldfest downtown, americana festival, etc.) and remembering how weird it was when we were first getting to know eachother. Anyways, glad to hear you are doing better there and learning that you don't always have to win things!

And Dr. Keith I am having medical problems again, something completely different. I need your expertise! Ok I think I will email you so I don't share my problems to everyone reading your journal.

At 12:23 AM GMT+2, Blogger Maria said...

and wow...what that girl did tops some of the crazy things I have seen with my kids. Impressive!


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