Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Long Awaited Quote

So I meant to write more about that quote, but it's been busy here. Well not busy, but I've been tired and not really in the writing mood. Just in the sitting and thinking about writing mood. Tommorow I get to sleep in, which is good. Other than that not much to report, except that I'm currently mad at tree stumps. I was riding (driving?) my bike to the store and I decided to take the 'secret path' there, but not the one by the train tracks, the other one. I was preoccupied thinking about something deep and meaningful, like what I wanted to make for dinner, or ways the meaning of life could really be 42 when I saw a tree stump. Luckily I had just enough time to swerve my front tire out of the way, unfortunatly over correcting and swinging the back wheel dead center of the stump. I remember falling down and being angry about my thought process being ruined. Stupid tree stump. What kind of a jerk cuts a tree down anyway. I guess I should take a little consolation in that, had the tree been there, it would've been a bit more embarassing. Upond arrival to the parking lot of the store, I'm pretty sure some random lady kind of muttered to me complaintively about me not shaking her hand, but she could very well have been talking to herself, I was a bit self-aware at the time seeing as I had just flipped my bike over in full view of the parking lot.

The quote from Henning Mankell was this: ' ''There's all sorts of things you're not supposed to do,'' said The Old Bricklayer ''you're not supposed to wear odd shoes, you're not supposed to live in an old smithy, you're not supposed to have hens in your house. No doubt you're not supposed to make changes in books, either. Even still, I do all that, I'm not doing anybody any harm.'' '

I dont know why it struck me as profound, but it did. I guess it is just talking about things that other people tell you you shouldn't do, even if you have a good reason. It's more about societal rules and rule you should follow to fit in, but the Old Bricklayer doesn't follow them when they don't make him happy, or when he has a better way to do things. I don't know, it just made me think.


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