Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bad Habits of the Sun

So lately it has been getting colder here, and I still haven't bought a winter coat. I always have intentions to do so, but things get in the way, like laziness. Sometimes I feel kind of lazy, but lately I don't blame myself, I blame the Sun. Cruel of me, perhaps, to blame something that cannot defind itself, but allow me at least some explaination. I wake up every day before the Sun does, and every night I stay up later than it does, so I figure I can't be being lazy if I am beating the sun to breakfast while going to bed later. Plus I have always felt a bit solar powered, like the sun gives me energy. Especially in the winter, when it is cold and you get a nice ray of warm sun on your face, I don't know, it just makes you feel good. Full of life and vigor and all that.

Like I said, it is getting colder here, but it is still novel coldness and hasn't yet gotten mundane or monotonous. And it isn't all bad for the sun to get up late, because the past two days it has still been a little dark when I get to school. So I get a cup of coffee and start readying my book and just feel like it is going to be a great day. Today I taught my hardest class. They have a hard time remembering the words and I have a hard time not blaming myself for it. Maybe I'm not making it fun enough, I worry about it. But tommorow is my favorite class (1st Grade), they are always excited and usually remember things pretty well, but tommorow I am doing the weather with them, a hard subject, so we will see.
I read a good quote in my book today, and it just made me think about life and the way we do things and all that. It was this:
'''You're probably not supposed to do alot of things,'' said The Old Bricklayer, ''not supposed to wear funny boots, or keep chickens indoors,....well I will have to look it up. But it made me think...more about it later.


At 7:13 PM GMT+2, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey keith, i think you know this but I think it is actually vitamen D that is synthesisized from the sun hitting your face in the maybe you are getting a Vit. D rush? ...Jared


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