Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Walk not To Remember

So if anyone has been worried about me getting hypothemia, you can put your mind at ease. I have aquired a 'most premium' winter Jacke. I always feel weird calling them that, sounds childish, but that's what they call them. Well that or a Mantle, but I usually forget to use that one and end up saying Jacke anyway, I don't mind sounding like a kid sometimes. Which is good because most times I try to speak German I end up sounding like a 3 year old.
Anyway, so yesterday we decided to go out to J├╝terbog to get me a jacke. Since we had all day, we decided to walk out there. Well we were going to bike, but one of our bikes has a perpetual flat tire I need to get fixed. So we set off, and the journey there wasn't bad. But of course we got there when most of the stores were closed...dang half day saturdays!! Luckily the store I was hoping to go to was open, and I found a nice brown jacke that'll keep me nice and warm in the cold cold cold December in Deutschland. So the walk back seemed to take forever. It just kept going and going, until finally a good 30 minutes walk from home the pastor's wife, Dorothy, happened to drive by and offer us a ride. It ranks in with one of my top 5 sits of all time.
Then, upon arrival to our Flat, we found a gangle of people stationed out front, gathered around a Grill. And they happened to all be people we knew from work, in fact, one was my boss Herr Lehman. (Who I can use the Du form with, even though I still call him Herr Lehman.) They all jumped at the chance to invite us for free food. So I stayed and enjoyed some Bratwurst and good German conversation, though I still have a little trouble saying everything I would like to. But everyone there was good people, and it made for a most enjoyable Saturday evening. It is also crazy to think that just a month a go I would have had no clue what anyone was saying, and now, I pretty much understood everything with a bit of effort. Still translating to English, but I hope to get over that soon. But, so far, life is good.


At 5:32 PM GMT+2, Blogger Maria said...

I am so glad you have a winter coat now. Now I don't have to worry. It is cold here too (for the moment, it could get warm again..)


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