Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Episode 4: Hilfe, Die Herdmanns Kommen

Recently Gary and I were given free tickets to a play that one of our adult English students was featured in. The tickets were a gift given to us as payment for food we made for our English class to help along our lesson on “Food.” It also worked out well as a sort of Christmas/end of the year party. It turned out well. December in Germany is a busy month. We have had more than one thing to do each weekend this month, and there have only been two. Advent is an important time here, and they celebrate each Advent week. So on the night of the play, not only was the church doing something, there was also a celebration in Graefendorf, where my former host family lives. We already were committed to the church function, which was fun, but it would’ve been interesting to see the festivities. That night, however, we went to the play, and sat next to our good friends the Familie Hanneman. The play was based on the book, ‘The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,’ which I have actually read. The most amazing part of the play was that I actually understood what was going on, and most of what as being said, even though it was in German. I am starting to understand the TV and everything. Well most of the time at least. It was a good play, our student, who is also the Deputy Mayor of Nidergoersdorf (where we live), was dressed as a punk teenage kid, and it was pretty hilarious. It still takes a lot of work and concentration to understand things, but it is getting better. The most memorable part of the whole play was when one of the characters shouted out “BATMAN” and everyone started dancing to the beat of a strobe light. The kids at school like to quote that part, and then get excited when I not only have seen the play, but that I also know who Batman is.


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I read all your blogs! Aren't you proud? Keep writing.


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