Wednesday, December 13, 2006

As you read this, know that I am speaking to you from the future. As I write this it is 12:20PM, I have already worked for 6 hours, and by EST it is 6:20AM. By all means I do apologize for the long wait you have endured. It isn’t that there has been nothing to report, but more that I haven’t really made time to write down anything of significance these days. My time is scattered between sleep, playing games, watching the occasional movie, and reading hundreds of pages about science, Africa, the Earth, and, of course, Harry Potter. Much has happened since you have last read of my adventures. I have had bad days; my hair has been pulled, kids have ignored or even openly defied me, I have felt stupid, and inadequate, I have felt sick, tired and quite ready to give up at times. I’ve had good days; kids have been so excited by my presence that it has taken a whole ten minutes to get them to sit still, I haven developed friendships, felt smart and useful, celebrated thanksgiving and even made plans about my future (though we will see how long term those plans end up being.) All in all an interesting few weeks, that didn’t pass by at all slowly, but looking back they seem to have happened an eternity ago.


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