Saturday, January 13, 2007

Now on to more exciting things. I’ll start in Decemeber. (And just to impress you (all) I will give you that in German: Ich fange in Dezember an.) On a sliding scale, December is the best month to exist in Germany. I may be comparing it to the bitter wind, depressingly cloudy skies (which were more novel in November, now I am used to them) and generally lack of Lustigkeit (which translates to happiness, but I enjoy the German word) of November, but still. December begins with Advent, which people here enjoy explaining as though it is a novel idea to me (but it exsists in Churchs in the USA). Though they do have some right to explain its novelty here, becuase here it is not just a religious thing, but a genuine holiday season. It is a buildup to Christmas, and is celebrated with Weihnachtsmarkts (Christmas Markets) in every town and village. Each town is under the impression that it has the best Christmas Market in all of Brandenburg, but each Market ranges from being a couple of food tents and a fire pit, to something like a Fair with rides, many stands and entertainment. Rumor has it that Munich has the best Weihnachtsmarkts in all of Germany, but I never saw it with my own eyes. Berlin had a Market on just about every corner. The only downside about them is that even in the middle of January, they are still around, and they mainly serve to take up space on the sidewalk and slow down the people traffic (though this only applies in Berlin as far as I know.)
December was also marked with the arrival of Gary’s brother, Tim. It was good to have someone else our age around, and Tim was also alot of fun, and we had alot of good conversations. Having guests is both good and bad, on the one hand it is nice to have someone else to come up with ideas for something to do, but on the other, they often keep you from doing important tasks. But they often inspire the going on of trips and the like, which you will see. We took many trips into Berlin, learned the Berlin subway system, and wrote a few songs. It was fun to have company, meet someone new, and get a little spiritual encouragement, but, alas, Tim has weg gehen. (He went back to Norway, where he is doing a study abroad program).


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