Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Walk on the Wildschwein

The presence of Mattias inspired a few tramps through the area we have always refered to as The Boarlands, an ironic title as we had never seen a boar in them, though we had seen a few shopping carts (lacking, of course, the 1 Euro coin needed to unlock them). On the first walk we took, Mattias found himself a nice stick (christened Excaliboar, because Mattias carved it into a fine point, should we encounter any boars on our travels) and we made ourselves a nice camp fire. On the way to the fire, and finding of Excaliboar, we encountered at least 3 boars. They were far from the path, but snorted at us anyway, and we were generally creeped out by this. A few more wanderings passed without event, but a few days later found me and Mattias wandering in an increasingly dark wilderness. We had set out to find boars, but had pretty much given up and decided to build a fire. We found a good spot, but not any good fuel for the fire. After what we later realized was about 2 hours, we gave up and decided to look for a new location. As we progressed towards this new location, the skies begain to grow dark and heavy with storm clouds. I expressed my concern, but noted the lack of wind was a good sign, so we continued onward. We had gotten farther down the path when I noticed a cool, sharp breeze, which is usually associated with a drop in pressure and a sure sign of a storm coming. I told this to Mattias, and after a few minutes diliberation we decided to head back, somewhat defeated with the fact that we had not only not seen a boar, but had also failed to start a fire. We had just gotten going on a rousing conversation when we heard a noise in the not so distant woods. We slowed down and ceased talking in order to ascertain what had made the noise. It was then, when everything had just gotten to its quietest, that a group of boars bounded from the woods and onto the path we were walking on, only a few feet in front of us. They crossed to the other side and bounded in the woods. We were sufficiently excited. We waited a few moments in case more came, and then continued walking, only to have our walking interupted as something else bounded from the woods at the same spot where the boars once were. Streaking across the path in tow or in pursuit (we were unsure of what the animal(s) was(were)) of the aformentioned boars. We ceased walking once more and watched as yet another group of boars bounded across the path. We waited a few moments and then very slowly inched forwards, me watching one side of the path, clutching my headlamp, and Mattias, gripping Excaliboar tightly, watching the other. We made it out with our lives and bodies still in tact, though it was quite an adrenal experience. The rest of the walk passed with no event.


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