Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nochmal im Hort

After a mindblowingly amazing midterm conference, I returned not to work, but to Hort (nochmal). Sorry, that means again and for whatever reason, at this moment some things are easier expressed with German. Not that I am going around speaking German to myself, but German words keep creeping into my thoughts. I’m sure some might say it is a good sign, but I must reiterate that I have alot to learn in the German language. Anyway, all that aside, the Hort (like a Daycare, in case you have forgotten) is like a vacation to me, in that the kids are usually quite nice to me and want to talk to me. In school it is alot different because alot of the kids think English is boring, or too difficult, so they tend to not pay attention. At Hort I can just play games with the kids, which is what they like to do. Well, that and jump on me whenever the situation evolves. Though the kids tend to wear me out (for example; or, as I have used almost exclusively here in Deutschland, zum Beispiel; Today the kids thought it was fun to have me spin them around, and it was fun, until they all took about 5 turns and I was dizzy and exhausted [und die Kinder, zwar, fragt nochmal] meanwhile the kids asked for one more turn), and I also have taken to walking home (When you are walking, Altes Lager is perpetually 5KM away, or so it seems if you believe the road signs), I find working at the Hort a blast.
Another good thing about the Hort is that the kids tend to compliment me on everything. With the kids at Hort I don’t have to do something great, just better than them, or maybe just in general. Like today I found a guitar and tuned it up and started playing a bit. Now, I am pretty decent with a guitar, but the kids and the Hort teacher all came by and said it was great and that I could play well. They also have this snowboarding videogame which they let me play and which is not too difficult since you can do tricks by mashing buttons, on my second try I got some meager sum of points, but one of the kids declared that I was the best snowboad videogamer in the whole Hort. Of course, to put things in perspective, the same kid runs around calling me his best friend or best pal all the time, so he might exaggerate things abit. I guess what is really special about the Hort is that I feel appreciated and helpful and the kids are happy that I am there. I’m not saying that this is not the case at school, but at school I often get discouraged that the kids aren’t learning. It is just a nice change to feel not at all discouraged.
Also a random note on the weather: Holding true to the pattern of it getting really cold only after I shave my beard, it has gotten cold recently. It has snowed (sprinkled really) the past couple of night and last I checked was snowing right now. Nothing major, but enough to cover things in white, which is somewhat novel to me after a year in Louisville, where it snowed maybe once. My face was really cold on the walk back home today, but I survived, and it doesn’t feel extremely cold because there is really no wind chill, which I am used to. And now...Some pictures:


At 6:32 PM GMT+1, Blogger Maria said...

hooray for pictures! I am in Columbus right now and there is a lot of snow. I like it. When you come back to visit Louisville you need to play Wii with me, Alisa, Kate and Ian.

At 1:08 AM GMT+2, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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