Wednesday, July 11, 2007

6th Class Graduation

Tonight was the 6th class graduation. Now for those of you who know nothing about German schools, you might be thinking something like ‘Oh man, another one of those,’ or ‘Honestly, who needs a graduation from 6th grade.’ Well let me lay something down for you. In Germany the 6th class graduation is important because, unlike in America, after the 6th class, the students choose their own paths, some go to Gymnasium, which is a pre University course, some choose Fachschule, which leads to some kind of vocational job, and others go to school in another city. Some of the kids, who grew up together, may never see each other again (okay that is a bit heavy on the drama, but I wasn’t sure how else to explain it really). The point is, it was a big deal, and pretty fun. The 5th class is responsible for a majority of it, and I helped them a little with some of the songs they chose to sing. At one point the sixth class kids started giving roses to the teachers. Being just a temporary teacher I expected to be left out of this ceremony. So, it was surprising when two of the sixth graders snuck up behind me to hand me a rose with a note on it. The note said: ‘Sometimes, I think about what you might say in my situation, with your dry humour, and I can’t help but smile and send you a winking mental greeting. I wonder if you got it?’ At first I considered that maybe it was a mistake and the flower was meant for another teacher, but the note seemed quite personal, and pretty fitting for me, as people have often commented that I have a dry sense of humour. It made me feel good because it was an example of the impact I had on these kids without realizing it, and it felt really good to know that people that I have grown to care about a lot also grew to care about me.


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