Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Treatise (und mein Gedanken) gegen Grammatik. [A Treatise (and my thoughts) vs. Grammar]

The weather today was much more gorgeouser than it has been in a long while. The sun is shining, the birds chirping, and a gentle east wind is sweeping o’er the plains. My mood is much better than in recent days, though if I think too much a residual sadness nags at the back of my mind. It is wedged there mainly because I don’t want to think about it, but the reason behind it is the impending sense of leaving, yet again, somewhere I’ve grown accustomed to. (I know I know, somewhere to which I have become accustomed is the proper ‘Don’t end a sentence with a preposition’ way of doing things, but this is free verse.) As I have previously stated, some things about returning ‘home’ will be nice, but, frankly, I’ll miss the umlauts and the esstet. (ÜÖÄß)
Today was Wednesday, which means kid’s Klub (or Club, I am not sure how the official spelling goes). I admit that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it, mostly because it is a nice day outside and it’d be nice to enjoy it proper. Now, as fate has a funny way of working things out, Klub happened one of the most funnest things I’ve done today. (apparently ‘funnest’ isn’t a word, so in spite I am writing the most incorrect: ‘most funnest’. It is a protest). The opening round included me playing Fußball (the table version) against a few of the kids. I ended up winning and bragging a lot, leading to the childrens complaining that I shouldn’t angeben (that means brag). I would’ve bragged also if I lost, as is my way. Then we cooked dinner as an activity and I joked with the kids. They were a little annoyed, but kids love attention really. I am sometimes critiqued as being a bit too sarcastic, but I like to think I know when to be serious. Anyway it was a lot of fun.
Gary and I also visited Treuenbritzen today. It’s a nice little German city, and we had coffee and I got some ice cream. Just cause I felt like it. It was pretty nice and relaxing.
School was okay, the highlight being one of the kids (Lukas, who I have talked about before) felt the need to scream my name as loud as possible not just the first time he saw me, but every time he saw me today. This was about 5 times, two only moments apart. Though the tone and volume were a bit on the annoying side, I think the thought was genuine excitement, so I let it slide. Not that I could’ve gotten him to stop anyway, as the kids never really listen to me (or so it seems). He also has taken to referring to me as ‘mein Keith’ and ‘mein Kumpel,’ the first being a bit possesive, but the second just meaning my buddy. I have many ‘Kumpel’s in the school, one even defended my honour on the bus today. One of the third graders was mocking me a bit, just in fun really, until another one came and punched him. Then he gave me five and took off to where ever he came from. Though slightly violent, it was a rather kind act.
All these nice things that happened today bring me back to that wedge of sadness that is hiding in the corners of my mind. They are all things I can process but not really think about, as they all lead to thoughts like, it’d be nice to see how these kids turn out when they are older. But the truth is that I most likely will never see or hear from any of them ever again. It is a bit of an extreme thought, but it is, nonetheless, realistic. Maybe it really is time that I stuck in one place for a bit.


At 1:21 AM GMT+2, Blogger Maria said...

aw, you will miss your kids. I don't have to miss mine because I stayed in Louisvile!


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