Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lass mich nur wissen: Ist die Schwimmbad Trocken oder Naß?

Waldemir isn’t doing his homework. I blame Gary. Well, only secondarily, you see, Gary gave Walde his Gameboy DS, and his Final Fantasy game. Walde loves Final Fantasy. He won’t stop playing. It is addictive, I would have to imagine. An outsider might think that perhaps Waldemir is our adopted son, he isn’t. More like adopted brother, but in actuality our only real friend in Altes Lager. Those in the know would ask about Daniel, who is also a friend, but who lives in Lukenwalde. For the past few nights I have been attempting to help Walde in Math(s) and Physics, and a little English. Waldemir doesn’t like his English teacher, and I don’t think highly of her either. She gives pretty pointless assignments.

Other news is the fact that this week I went to the swimming pool twice (Schwimmbad). The first was with Walde and his mother. Walde’s mother is very nice, but afraid of driving and riding in cars. She spend much of the ride there and pretty much all of the ride back, yelling comments about Walde’s driving. The yelling wasn’t from being angry, but rather from fear. I spent the whole ride home trying not to laugh out loud as Walde’s mom tried to get her mind of the road by repeating everything she did at the sauna to Gary for about the 5th time. It was all pretty funny, but I have to clear up that Walde’s mom is awesome and is also the maker of the best cake I have ever eaten in my 24 years of existence (give or take a couple years I don’t remember because I was a baby, but I seriously doubt I could eat cake at that age, and if so it wouldn’t have been very good cake.) Though I have to say that my Grandma’s pineapple upsidedown cake is still my favorite.

My second time was today, which is Wednesday. I went with the Kinder Klub, which is comprised of 12 and 13 year old kids. I guess they aren’t that young now that I think about it. But still to young for me to really have fun around. Plus they only speak German, and make fun of my German, but some of them only do it to tease me. Besides, my German is miles (kilometers) away from perfect. I spent a good 30 minutes going down the water slides, which have so far been at every German pool. Then I just took turns swimming in warm water pools, which aren’t as refreshing as cold water pools, but relax you.

Currently I am gearing up for my trip to München, which is Munich for you English speakers. I meet someone from Munich in Paris and she is going to show me around a bit. It should be fun, or weird and awkward. I am hopeing for the fun side. It’ll be my first taste of travelling alone, maybe I can be social and get some friends out of the deal. I am a little nervous to be honest, which is something you aren’t supposed to admit to, but I am. Sorry if you thought I was impervious to such things.


At 3:38 PM GMT+1, Blogger Maria said...

Have fun in Munich! I went there once, but I was ten so I don't remember much. Except for the Glockenspiel.

At 2:47 AM GMT+1, Blogger Alisa said...

traveling alone rocks! I always meet the coolest people.

At 10:04 PM GMT+2, Anonymous Anonymous said...

write about fucking munich already!!

At 4:07 AM GMT+2, Blogger Maria said...

keith, are you still alive??

At 2:01 AM GMT+2, Blogger alex said...

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