Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wheres the Schlüssel?

Last night I found myself locked in the Church. Not in the youth group fun sense, but, rather in the ‚the door’s locked and I don’t have a key’ sense. I was in the church with Gary, cooking dinner and then I stayed back to check my emails. Unfortunately earlier that day I had left my church keys in my room. I finished up on the computer and started the process of shutting everything off and locking other doors, which got me thinking about keys. I reached down absently to the place where I normally tote my keys, a front belt loop on my ‚Trousers.’ I noticed that they were either way lighter and less sharp than usual or they weren’t there. I looked down to find they were gone. Coincidentily, Gary had just mentioned that day how we could climb out the window should we ever get locked in. Had that not been in my mind I might have opted for the more lazy option of sleeping on a couch, or in true lock in form, not sleeping at all and spending the whole night playing mine sweeper (or more likely writing something). I guess I keep forgetting they don’t have screens here and that we are on ground level. Had I been locked in a church back home, I don’t think climbing out a window would be an option. So I snuck into the men’s bathroom, though there was no reason for sneaking, honestly, and clambered out the window. After that life just returned to normal.


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