Friday, March 02, 2007

Ich war einmal ein Geburtstagkind.

Before I commence with the story telling I will preface with this peice of fact: Yesterday, March 1st 2007, was a wonderfully excellent birthday. I begin, however, with a story from today.
Moments after arriving to my first class this morning, I found myself being led to an empty chair, which was suspiciously placed in the center of the room. Soon I was surrounded by children all wishing me a happy belated birthday. Then all the boys encircled my chair as the class erupted in song. Hoch sein dein leben, Hoch sein dein leben, dreimal: Hoch, Hoch, Hoch. Well something to that effect. On the three Hochs I was hoisted into the air by the guys. In Germany, birthdays are important, and I definately felt important on mine.
I woke up in the mindset that things would function normally for the most part. I figured some of the kids would remember it was my birthday and shake my hand. Upon arrival to the bus stop, this did happen, only all the kids remember and all jockied in line to be the first to shake my hand. Honors went to my buddy Dima, who is a cool kid from the sixth class, and I’d say we are pretty good friends. The rest of the bus ride was filled with stolen glances at me and Herzlichen Glückwunsches. This was enough to make anyone feel important and special. So I get off the bus feeling pretty good, and make my way to the Teacher’s Lounge (I know you are all still jealous of that) when I get there, the first thing I see is a small fire in front of my usual sitting spot. The fire came from 5 candles that were stuck in a birthday cake. The teachers were standing in a line and singing ‚Happy Birthday,’ then they all came and shook my hand and some even hugged me. Amazing stuff. I started talking to the Biology teacher and found out she had a lesson in my free period, so I went along. It was the sixth graders, who atcually let out a whoop of joy when they found out I was coming to their class. They shook my hand and then sang ‚Happy Birthday’ (with Lieber Keith instead of Dear Keith, which really just made it all the better). Then I taught the first grade, who sang me the German birthday song (which ends with the Dreimal hoch song), which is really a nice song. I don’t know the words, but they say nice things about the birthday kid, and not just happy birthday. The best was yet to come, however. While waiting for the bus I was the subject of much more handshaking, but then a girl from another first grade class. Her name is Sandra and she is a good kid really, and likes English. She comes up and says ‚Happy Birthday,’ and then she sings all of ‚Happy Birthday.’ It was really very sweet.
The rest of the day was fairly normal. We went to the truckstop to celebrate with our friends there. To celebrate they gave Gary and I a free shot of vodka, well fig vodka, which tastes pretty good really. I checked my 30 some odd facebook messages (Thank you to all who sent their best, I felt quite besonders [special]) And that, as they say, is that.


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