Monday, February 19, 2007

My Euro Mullet

One of the girls at school once asked me: ‚Wie viel freundin hast du?’ now, mind you it was meant to be a joke seeing as at the time she was referring to the number of 1st-4th grade girls that were hanging from most of my torso, but still, these days I have to take the question seriously. You see, I have a new, rocking haircut. It happened a few weeks ago atcually, when I finally gave up my goal of acheiving long hair after having longer hair starting getting on my nerves. (Between having to blow it dry and sweeping it out of my ears, I was starting to get shoulder aches.) I walked on down to the hair cutting place in Altes Lager named something like Hair Dreams, in English. I figured it would be a good idea, seeing as the name was in English. I took myself a seat and started waiting, as no one was really at the front desk. After about 10 minutes I started to get uncomfortable seeing as the lady getting her hair dyed kept giving me the ‚what are you doing here’ eye. I gave the hair cut lady five more minutes to show herself, but ended up walking out of the place as she didn’t seem too excited to have customers. I walked five minutes down the road to the other, less visable, hair cutting place, where I was met by a questioning stare by a lady cutting hair. I said quizically, ‚Ich brauche ein haar schere?’ The lady just looked at me for a second before saying ‚Wie bitte?’ ‚Ein Haarschnitt?’ She told me they were busy, and to come back in 30 minutes. I said Ok and passed the time in the Truck Stop watching TV. I came back to a more empty hair cuttery and the lady told me to have a seat. ‚Now, what do you need?’ asked the hair lady. ‚Well, I’m American, but I want something European I said.’ ‚What kind?’ She asked. I had no idea the kinds available, or the German translations. I made a thinking face until finally she had mercy and just said ‚Well, I just take some off the sides.’ I said, ‚Good idea,’ and resigned myself to get a Euro cut the next time. It wasn’t until later that day, when Gary saw my hair that he noted ‚Oh man, she left it long in the back, that is very European.’ I checked it out, and, sure enough, I had myself a Euromullet. Friends of mine can view it in all its glory on facebook. Everyone else can just imagine it shimmering in the partly cloudy, very windy weather of Altes Lager.
In other news, my cold has finally left my body, only to transport itself to Gary. I’m sure everyone else will blame the sandals he’s so fond of wearing. Today was Fasching, and at school we had a party for it. I dressed up like an American, mostly because the other teachers told me they were dressing up ‚A little bit’ which turned out to be a lie. I had difficulty explaining to the kids what I was, even with my American Eagle shirt and Polo jeans, but I wasn’t about to expose the flag on my butt, since that is a prime target for tiny first grade hands (among other hands, like random girls at concerts.) I guess I will explain that one. We went to a Snow Patrol concert with our fellow trainee Steph and two of her friends. It was standing room only, so things got a little crowded. All through the opening band there were two girls behind me who took to resting their hands on my butt whenever they felt like it. I was quite uncomfortable, but couldn’t move my body enough to turn around. Other than that the concert was quite good. We also have a new girl at school, she rides my bus, and this morning, as I closed my eyes to get a little ‚bus rest’ she woke me, by asking if I was asleep. I said no, and then she asked what I was dressed as for Fasching, I said an American. I guess it was just fun because the new kid said something to me. All the kids were excited to see me at the Fasching celebration, as if they never see me during the week. It was fun and made me feel good to have kids faces light up just by seeing me. Other than that I’ve just been reading, studying German, sleeping and listening to music.


At 5:32 PM GMT+1, Blogger gary h. said...

Curse you and your colds!

At 6:03 PM GMT+1, Blogger Maria said...

ha, I saw the pictures on Facebook, nice to hear the story behind it. And you got a shoulder ache from blow drying your hair???


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