Monday, February 12, 2007

Montag, ach nein, Montag

I’ve never been the greatest fan of Mondays. Today was a shining example of why I feel that way. Okay that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it was hard to get out of bed when the alarm clock sounded at 5:50 AM. As far a teaching goes, it wasn’t a bad day, I taught one class by myself and helped with two others. I even sang ‚We Are Family’ with the kids even though I really don’t care for the song. About this time last week I was prepared to announce that my cold was on its way out the door, but it seems I was quite wrong. Perhaps it was a cold day in Berlin that brought its strength back, but it hit with force today. I’m feeling that light headed, apathetic feeling that is tied to a cold, and also haven’t really felt hungry all day, though I know enough to make myself eat something. Perhaps the reasoning for this Monday seeming so bad is that this past weekend we were graced by guests in Altes Lager. A fellow trainee and a few of her friends made their way here for a concert and stayed a couple of days. It made for a pretty amazing weekend, and for one that flew by a little too quickly. Also, Sunday I was graced by the voice of my former Housemate, Katie, which made the weekend even better. This made it even harder to fit into the Monday grind after a nice week at the Hort. Though it is nice to be around the kids again, who seemed to miss me, and who like my new haircut even if my fellow trainees (me included this time...) described it as a mullet, or at least as having mulletesque qualities. All in all, I admit, it wasn’t a bad Monday, but it was still a Monday and I still feel sick and tired and cranky. But, on the brightside, I am alive and living in I guess it’s a tradeoff.


At 3:57 AM GMT+1, Blogger Maria said...

I haven't even heard Katie's voice since we left!


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