Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Grade A Student

First of all, if you want to be impressed, I am currently reading a book written in German. If you’d like a grain of salt with that, it’s a book written for the 2nd grade level, proudly declairing on the spine that it is written for 8 year olds, or older. I fall into the older category, though working with kids so long has made me feel younger.
Now for how I really wanted to start this blog off:
So I was chilling with my buddy Armando today during school. Okay, Armando happens to be in the 5th grade, but he’s still pretty cool. Anyway, during the 5th grade English class I was sitting next to him. We started off with a little test, which I got to participate in. The teacher said some words and phrases in German and we got to translate them in English (I’m using Jared’s patented optomistic approach, which I am quite fond of using). I was the only one in the class to get them all right, gaining me a 1, which is the German equivilent of an A+. Then the kids read out some English sentances and translated them into German, I got to do one that read: ‚It is hard to learn German words. I know. One day I know them, then I forget them again.’ My translation ‚Es ist schwer Deutschen Worten zu lernen. Ich weiß. Ein tag kenn Ich die Worten, aber am nächsten tag vergiss Ich die Worten noch mal.’ Earned me the remark from the teacher ‚He is the best student in the class.’ So I smoked a bunch of 5th graders in English. I don’t really feel all better than anyone. Maybe a little. But honestly it does make me feel good about my progress in the German language, at least for today.
I also helped the 6th class make and eat a fruit and normal salad. It was pretty good. Well I can speak for the normal salad, which in German was called Buntesalat, which translates literally to ‚Color Salad’ (I’m pretty sure that is a poor translation.). On the bus I had a long conversation with Pascal (a first grader, who called my teeth yellow, but has no teeth of his own...but he didn’t mean any harm by it really) about whether or not I could have his toy cars. We decided I couldn’t. In a few minutes Walde is supposed to come over so I can help him with his Physics homework. I will tell you Physics wasn’t my favorite subject of all time, but thanks to my professor’s tendency to make his tests almost exactly like the study test, it is a subject I passed with all A’s (I think my average was 102, but I don’t want to brag).
Now that you are all sufficiently impressed with me, I’ll give you the bad news. Well really the worst thing that happened today was I accidently stepped in a big pile of dog poo, it took forever to get my shoe cleaned.


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