Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Let the French make Toast

Some stories, dear readers, have fallen by the wayside. I feel I must apologize for those, but those who know me are likely to receive an ear full the next time they cross my line of sight. I have written a few down, which I may type out on slower days, but I am afraid I must jump ahead to the more recent past. After an epic case of what I have scientifically named Stomach Blues that lasted an entire weekend, I was a bit weary about returning to work this past Monday. The 6AM alarm found me feeling the most awake I would the entire day. After falling asleep on the bus, I found my legs walking me to the teacher’s lounge while my head had taken to delivering a sharp pain every few augenblicks (German word for moment, literally, eye blinks). Upon my arrival I was subjected to questioning by the teachers. ‘Feeling better?’ they would ask. ‘Yes’ I would reply, ‚a little.’ They didn’t really buy it. I blame my weary delivery. I believe some of them caught on to the stubborn approach I have developed toward being sick, or perhaps it was simply motherly instinct, and it is quite possible that they assumed I could not take care of myself (those of you that know me, realize there is a little truth to that). Whatever the reason, one of my favourite teachers, Frau Hanneman began talking me through a list of remedies and suggestions in the form of orders. Things like, drink tee and eat something called Zwieback. Both of which she later procured for me. First she looked up Zwieback, the dictionary said it was ‘French Toast’. I was somewhat taken aback. All these years and French Toast is good for your stomach. Surely not. It wasn’t until later, when Frau Hanneman returned with Zwieback and Fennel tea that I realized what it was. Zwieback can best be described as whole crutons, without any flavour, and seem to be similar to the American, at least in my family, saltine cracker. I still haven’t given up completely on French Toast.


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